Deal with Old Age Tips

How to Deal with Old Age: 3 Tips for Accepting Aging

Growing old is a natural process that is part of the life cycle and is inevitable. However, it is not uncommon for the many changes – whether routine, body or mentality – typical of this phase often causes disruption to the elderly and their families. Accepting that there are limitations that cannot be ignored (otherwise […]

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Badam Rogan-1

Nourish your skin by herbal badamroghan oil

The harmful effects of an unhealthy lifestyle and food habits are immediately reflected on the skin. The effects are further enhanced by the growing air and water pollution. The harmful effects of skin problems include skin rashes, blisters, and premature aging, etc. Not surprisingly, skin problems are nowadays observed to be seen in youngsters more […]

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Noscars soap

Beauty resume and No scar skin soap

Scar tissue consists of an equivalent super molecule because the tissue that it replaces, however, the fiber composition of the super molecule is different; rather than a random fabric formation of the scleroprotein fibers found in traditional tissue, in pathology the scleroprotein cross-link and forms a pronounced alignment in a very single direction. This scleroprotein […]

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