5 things to consider before going for any health insurance


A health insurance is a medical insurance program that is designed to accumulate an individual or any organization with their health-related needs and is responsible to provide emergency care when it is needed.  Finding a quality health insurance is no lesser than a herculean task, however, if you have your needs and budget in your mind; things may become easier for you. While there are hundreds of health insurances in Pakistan that you will find at the end of every street, but, one needs to understand that not all of them provide the same services. They are same punches of insurances but are packed with different services. The most important thing is what does health insurance in Pakistan covers?  Undoubtedly health insurance in Pakistan is more like a fiction story to most of the people as people aren’t fully aware of the importance and benefits of taking health insurance. However, with the passage of time, Health insurance in Pakistan is getting larger engagement than before. Unexpected expenses always leave a person in depression and chaos, but if you have the right plan; the insurance provider will cover for your accident, operation or any medical need.

Few steps will certainly help you find the best health insurance in Pakistan that will offer you diverse services at less cost. Here we go.

Comprehensive comparison:

The world of internet and technology has enabled every person in the community to find answers and queries online from their smartphones. A comprehensive comparison is the best and the most suitable way to distinguish a premium service. In fact, it gives you a picture and avoids any confusion in future. So if you have the picture and the prices of certain services in your mind; finding premium health plans won’t be a big deal. When getting a desired health insurance in Pakistan you need to consider two things:

  • Services being covered in your plan
  • The cost you would be paying monthly/Yearly

Packages that are being offered:

The next step that should be given the most consideration would be exploring the package details you will be getting on your money. The best insurance in this regard to be compared can be jubilee insurance, EFU insurance, and Adamjee insurance. Coverage may include full coverage, maternity services, out-patient facilities, and many more. Making a good plan lies in your hand and if you have the comprehensive knowledge with you, getting the right insurance will be relatively easy. Don’t forget to calculate how much subsidy you will get on your coverage, therefore; compare different policies of different health insurance providers remains the most essential part.

Organize your documents:

Once you are done comparing different insurance plans and policies, the next essential step should be organizing your document that includes monthly pay slip, CNIC copy, Tax certificate if needed, medical tests and history, etc. The insurance company you opt for will give you a list of medical tests to undergo at specific institutions. Why would insurance companies want to know your health benefits is to avoid any confusion or miss commitments in future. Insured doctors will then analyze your health with the help of your medical history. Once they are done, they will guide you with the next step.

Don’t go for cheap plans:

While cost-effective plans and low prices attract us the most; the massive attraction is used by bad sheep’s in the market to gain the excessive attention of people. Cost shouldn’t be your first priority, plans should be.

Fill the form honestly:

Fill in the form that is handled by the insurer and be honest in providing your medical history. If you have a disease that is in your family; disclosing these to your insurer is very important. I haven’t disclosed your medical background honestly to your insurer, now is the right time. Otherwise, these things will create problems for you in future. Wait for your procedure and to be completed and just wait for the insurer to call you. The account manager will always be there for you to answer questions and queries as well as regarding your expiry.

Look for a flexible policy.

Make sure your plan offers wide flexibility when it comes to paying the premium especially at the times when you get sick. At the end of the year, the premium is recalculated and the renewing policy would depend upon how the policy was being used.

Always read the terms and condition along with the policies as that will explain to you how policies would work throughout the year. If you aren’t habitual in reading long stuff, then you should ask every question to your insurer. Not knowing the in-depth policies will obviously create problems in future. That’s why comparison and a bit digging are necessary to find the best of the best health plans.

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