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A Good Look at the Cookie Diet as a Weight Loss Solution

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When you initially hear of the cookie diet, there is some intrigue and interest but also a great deal of scepticism. You question if this is just another crash diet, however then find out that Dr Siegal’s Cookie Diet was created several years back and has assisted numerous legitimate patients slim down. You wonder if it is something that will help you to keep your weight off long term and that is when you go online looking for information.

In this article, we’ll take a good look at Dr Siegal’s Cookie Diet plan to see how it works. More importantly, you would know what to expect should you decide to give it a try

Not your average cookie

Much of the doubt surrounding the cookie diet as a simple diet plan to lose weight fast is the medium involved — a cookie! That said, these are unlike the sugary sweet goodies you bake at home or pick up at the pastry shop. These cookies are, in fact, meal replacements and include a great balance of fibre, carbs, and protein. They also contain amino acids which assist reduce the hunger.

The natural, healthy active ingredients of these cookies are made from food sources that are broken down gradually within the body. This implies they provide energy over a more extended period and aid keeps you full throughout the day.

There are a variety of cookie tastes offered on this diet, so you aren’t necessarily eating the very same thing all the time. While the taste and texture are not precisely what you would anticipate from a sugary cookie treat, they are rather tasty, and few people have found them to be unpalatable.

How does it work?

Dr Siegal designed his cookie diet to be incredibly simple to follow. During the day you take in up to 6 cookie meal replacements, and then you eat a healthy supper. The cookies can be eaten whenever they are most appropriate to your day-to-day schedule, and the suppers are ideally comprised of lean protein sources and vegetables.

One of the things that make the cookie diet one of the best diets to lose weight is that it is a straightforward plan to follow. You never have to fret about what you will be consuming throughout the day. The cookies can be slipped into a day bag or bag and even brought in your car, so you always have them on hand. They are likewise quick and straightforward to eat especially when you’re ina hurry

Dr Siegal’s Cookie Diet delivers between 800 and 1500 calories. This depends on exactly how many cookies you consume and the number of calories you consume at supper.

Inside the Results


There is no doubt that you can lose weight on the cookie diet as Dr Siegal developed it. The big problem is the lower end of this calorie variety is entirely unhealthy for anyone attempting to slim down. Women ought to take in at least 1200 calories a day while males require a minimum of 1500 calories a day.

That said, the cookie diet can be followed safely if you remain at the upper end of this calorie range. Some concepts consist of eating more cookies and more significant parts of your healthy suppers, or you might consume a little salad or another snack during the day as a calorie supplement.

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