improve men's health

Improving men’s health and well-being time for a different way

Take action to improve men’s health Today, men and women care more about their fitness than their parents, which has improved people’s conditions and life expectancy. Men face many difficulties every day. Why not concentrate on the challenge of lingering healthy? Staying healthy: a matter of will If you are a man and lead not […]

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Pregnancy Testing & Screening Timeline

Oh, Baby! Pregnancy Tests and Screenings

Newly pregnant, first-time moms (and dads) are anxious to learn what’s ahead during the next nine months. Much information exists about how the baby grows and what happens to the mother’s body during this exciting time, but there isn’t as much information about all the tests the doctor orders and/or recommends. That’s why we created […]

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Evergreen Medical Services Infographic

Introduction to Evergreen Medical Services Infographic

Helping to Protect Against Healthcare-Associated Infections Healthcare-associated infections are those infections that are acquired in hospitals and other healthcare settings. The accompanying infographic describes four of the most common HAIs, how they happen, and the amounts of patients affected each year. Generally, these infections are caused by germs entering the body at a point where […]

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virtigo causes symptoms and treatment

What is vertigo and balance disorder causes symptoms and treatment

Balance problems are experienced by a majority of the population once in a lifetime where a person experiences a loss of balance or feels dizzy and woozy all of a sudden. Sometimes a person experiences a spinning sensation along with feeling dizzy; it is referred to as vertigo. A spinning sensation where a person feels […]

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Modafinil vs organa karatom

Difference between Modafinil and Organa Kratom

Modafinil is a pill that is used for refining sleeplessness in patients with extreme tiredness. Similar amphetamines, modafinil endorse alertness by improving the mind. Whereas, Organa Kratom is an herb found in Southeast Asia. The trees are used as relaxation medicine and as a dose. The leaves of this herb provide health benefits for the individual. Its leaves have […]

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Maintaining Healthy and Pain-free Joints

Arthritis Treatment for Maintaining Healthy and Pain-free Joints

What most people don’t realize about arthritis is that different things can cause it. Hence, the remedies for the latter are also varied, and the proper treatment for the condition depends on the appropriate diagnosis. The medical term for joint pain becoming increasingly worse or reappearing over time is known as “flare”. One needs to […]

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