Automated External Defibrillator (AED) is the finest medical invention


Medical inventions have played an integral role in recent past years to reduce the health issues for the patients all over the world. The continuous progress in medical science has provided the chance for people to save the life of each other.

Cardiac issues are faced by a large number of people around the world and because of it, people die on the spot. The sudden cardiac arrest is the most dangerous condition in which heartbeat of a person stops and then survival is almost impossible.

Automated External Defibrillator (AED) is the device that is used to prevent sudden cardiac arrest. It is the best life-saving device that is used in emergency situations.

If you are with your family at a public place and suddenly one of your family members experience sudden cardiac arrest then in such situations AED is the best device to utilize.

For cardiac patients, such situations are very common and they have to face these challenges in their whole life. Most of the people don’t have an awareness that what they should do in a cardiac emergency.

This article is going to present the effectiveness of AED in people’s lives in different places and its functions and operations.

In several countries, among all health issues, heart problems are very common. AED Singapore has played an important role to create awareness among people that how a sudden cardiac arrest can be prevented.

How to operate an AED:AED’s are manufactured in such a way that everyone can use it easily but training is necessary to use it effectively. Instructions are also shown on the device for the guidance of users.After activating a device, you will hear the instructions on how you should use it. The AED will instruct you to attach the pads to the patient’s chest. Then AED will give an electric shock to a patient to restore the original heart rhythm. First AID training services provide useful training for various medical devices.

Time is really important when a sudden cardiac arrest occurs because with every passing minute chances of patient’s survival also decreases. This where the usefulness of AED comes into play because it provides effective treatment in less time.

Depending on emergency services is too risky because usually, ambulances take too much time to reach the destination. Let’s say if ambulance response time is five minutes and it takes more than five minutes to arrive then chances of patient’s survival also reduces.

If someone in your surroundings experiences the sudden cardiac arrest and you respond in less than three minutes by using an AED then person’s probability of survival increases. According to the research, cardiac patients who are treated by the AED have increased survival rate as compared to those who have not received AED treatment. AED response with CPR provides more effective treatment as compared to CPR alone.

Access to AED at public places: Presence of AED in the public places like schools, gyms, and offices plays an important role in saving lives. AED’s are easy to identify in different places because signs indicate their existence.

In places like stadiums and sports arenas significance of AED increases because in such places the excitement level of people is at its peak which can make them a possible victim of sudden cardiac arrest especially to the cardiac patients.

The only general public is not the victim of the cardiac arrests. A large number of athletes are also the sufferer of this problem. Nowadays’ high school students are also suffering from cardiac arrests and because of that AED holds special importance in schools.

The survival rate in young individuals is more as compared to the older people due to their higher power of resilience. AEDs are also placed in the parking places of buildings, police vehicles and other workplaces in order to facilitate people.

You cannot own an AED without having a prescription so not everyone can have it in their homes. The significance of AED increases more in public places where there is a huge bunch of people around you.

In this kind of circumstances, you have to keep your nerves calm so that you can perform the better treatment through AED in all places. Familiarization of this device can not only benefit you but also the people that are the part of your environment.

Conclusion: AED is the best life-saving device that gives people the best chance of survival. It can be used in any place and under any circumstances but for that, you have to be prepared to deal with such kind of challenges. Time is the key when a sudden cardiac arrest occurs so if you know how to use an AED it could be the huge difference between life and death. The only thing you need is just basic understanding and then an effectual implementation.

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