Do You Really Need To Include Ginger Milk In Your Diet?



You must have heard about golden milk, but have you ever heard of ginger milk? Is it really helpful for human beings?  Ginger milk is nothing but a spicy drink which tastes amazing. Its consumption is recommended especially during the winter months. When you have this beverage, it will give you a flavour of strong ginger which can help treat different diseases. It is well known for having several benefits that include culinary, medicinal and therapeutics. If you have this milk on a regular basis, you will be able to stop the occurrence and frequency of the disease. Hence, it will be prudent for you to have this drink and keep yourself healthy and fit.

Do you know that since ginger has many benefits, it is often called a wonder spice and Ginger milk is no exception? It has a long history as it was cultivated in India and China and also used as an excellent medicine.  The benefits of ginger aroused an interest in the minds of people and that is why cultivators started producing this crop. It has been used to treat several diseases like bleeding, stomach pains, diarrhea, abdominal problems.

How To Prepare Ginger Milk:

What are the ingredients required for preparing this drink?

  • Chopped Ginger-2 tablespoon
  • Milk-2 Cups
  • Sugar or Jaggery-1 ½ tbsp


  • Take a deep pan and mix all the ingredients which are stated above. Put the pan on the oven and in a medium flame for five minutes. After cooking for five minutes, strain the mixture and serve it hot. Once the beverage is ready, do not delay in consuming it.

Health Benefits of Ginger Milk

Warms Your Body:

One of the biggest benefits that you can get from ginger milk is it warms your body. During the winter or rainy season, it is definitely going to come to your mind.  You should have it really hot as it will help transfer the warmth to each part of our body.

Works as a Reliever from Aching Muscle

Another benefit is this drink can work as a reliever from aching muscles. You must know that ginger has anti-inflammation compound and volatile oil in it. It helps in relieving pain and also works as an analgesic. In case, if you have a tiring day and your muscles ache, then the best treatment is to consume ginger milk.

Revives Freshness of Your Face

If you have an oily skin and a face, do not worry about it much. You can get rid of it by consuming ginger milk. If you consume this wonder medicine regularly, the oil can be reduced.

Controls Motion Sickness

There are some people who suffer from motion sickness at times. If there is imbalance between your body and brain, then you might suffer from motion sickness. With ginger milk, you can feel relaxed and will help protect you from motion sickness.

Cures Sore Throat

We often tend to suffer from sore throat. Sore throats are caused by germs or bacteria which exist inside the throat. You can also have sore throat due to ailments like cold, flu etc.  If you have this wonder medicine everyday, the sore throat can be cured.

Gives Protection to Your heart

Have you ever heard that ginger milk is extremely good for your health? Yes, you hear that right, it protects your heart. If you have it regularly, the levels of LDL will reduce and you can live a better and healthy life.

Good for Your Immune System

Regular consumption will help our immune system and make it stronger.

Relieves Painful Menstruation

There are many women who suffer from bouts of pain during menstruation. It is extremely painful and sometimes they have unbearable pain. The pain is bound to disturb you and lower down your mood. Hence, to control your pain, it is best to consume ginger milk.

Protects the Digestive System

With ginger milk, your digestive system can really perform well. The drink, if you have it regularly, can cure ailment like constipation. It is also useful in decreasing the body weight. Hence, if you are planning for a diet, ginger milk can be beneficial.

Improves Respiratory System

Ginger milk takes care of your respiratory system too. It helps the phlegm to come out easily. Hence, if you have fever, consume ginger milk.

What Is The Nutritional Value Of One Glass Of Ginger Milk?

Energy Content- 141 calories.

Carbohydrate- 11 grams.

Protein- 4.3 grams.

Fibre- 3 grams.

Vitamin A- 160 mg.

Calcium – 210 mg.

Sodium- 19 mg.

Vitamin C- 1 mg.

Potassium – 90 mg.

Folic Acid- 5.6 mg.

Fat- 6.5 grams.


The above article tells us about the benefits of consuming ginger milk. I hope this article will give you enough information regarding the benefits of this drink. If you find this article really useful, kindly share with your friends, family and near and dear ones.

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