Health Guidance: Guidance To Be Healthy And Live Happily


Everyday increasing population, busy lifestyle, stress and competition in every sector, in such condition living a healthy life is as tough as climbing as climbing a high mountain. Today health has become a major issue for everyone.  So everyone should be aware of their health. The main reason behind the health problems are comfortable and careless lifestyle. For covering a short distance people use vehicles instead of walking.  Today’s population has become lazy; no one is interested in doing more physical works that why the health problems are arising at a large range. So health supervision is provided so those in a busy schedule can know the techniques of health care.

If some precautions and health guidance are followed, then the level of health problems can be reduced to a certain extent.  The health guidance tips are as follows:

  • Fast food, smoking, alcohol, meat and sweets should be avoided because these products play a major role in damaging health. If these things are avoided then the scope of being ill will is reduced to 50%.
  • Meditation and exercises should me made a part of the daily life. Packed food items should be avoided and argenic foods should be used.
  • Emotions should be controlled as it helps to reduce the stress level and if the mental pressure is less then it will help the body and mind to be fit. Anger should be controlled as it leads to the rise of high blood pressure, acidity, heart disease etc.
  • Complete sleep is necessary for a well health. An incomplete sleep badly affects the memory power and the body tends to become old thus it should be necessary to sleep for seven to eight hours.
  • It should be tried to live stress free as much as possible. Stress full life affects the health and invites diseases like high blood pressure, heart attack and many other diseases. To reduce the stress every task should completed on time, times should be spent with family members and friends.
  • Everyone should try to live happy, it leads to a healthy life.
  • Care should be taken regarding the strength of the bones so that joints pain can be cured. For this the quantity of protein should be increased in the diet, the quantity of fats should be decreased and salt and sugar should be taken in a limit.

By following the above health regulation tips one can make their life healthy and avoid the disease to a certain extent. Other than this regular health checkups should be made and balanced diet should be taken.

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