Here’s what you can do if your child is not Brushing Teeth?

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There are many parents around the world who face a problem when their children make lots of excuses to avoid brushing their teeth. The parents are upset and anxious as what to do about this specific situation as they have looked into many remedies but all of it went in vain.

Why Brushing Teeth is Important?

There are various ways by which you can make your children understand why they have to do the regular task of brushing teeth. Tulsa Pediatric Group explains the following reasons to the parents as to why brushing is important; so that they can reason for this task.

General Hygiene

Tell your child that if he/ she will keep their teeth clean; then they will be a favorite of everyone. All will like their company because people approve of others who are tidy and neat. This will also make their general hygiene better and acceptable by others.

Teeth Protection

It is a known fact that children as a big fan of food and especially sweet things. This makes their teeth weak because the sticky food can stick which weakens the enamel. Daily brushing can help to free the teeth from the harmful contents of the sweets.

Stop from Gum Diseases

Cleaning the teeth only from the top will only make your smile beautiful but where the teeth and gums meet can become fragile. This can lead to many diseases of gums. But proper brushing will make sure that the gums are protected.

Prevent Illnesses to Develop in Advance Age

If the problems of teeth and gums are left untreated then in the advance ages it can be a severe threat to the health of the child. The child could suffer from heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Osteoporosis and even AIDS. But taking care of the teeth can decrease the risks.

Why Children Avoid Brushing according to Tulsa Pediatric Group?

As most of you must know that pediatricians are trained in the field of dentistry exclusively for the children. So they know the reasons for various things that even parents might overlook. They explain the following reasons as to why children don’t brush.

Gums and Teeth Sensitivity

A little sensitivity of the teeth is a normal thing and kids can tolerate it. But sometimes the intensity of it is extreme or unbearable for them so they avoid brushing as much as possible. Another dilemma is that they don’t tell their parents about this problem.

Not Much Time

At many occasions, there is very less time in which the child has to do many tasks. They try to manage the time by skipping some of the daily tasks like brushing or they do it on alternate days. The dentists at Pediatric Dentist Tulsa deem it very important reason.

Forgetfulness of the Children

Children are very vulnerable and indulge in their own activities that they simply forget to brush their teeth.The pediatric dentists say that it is the duty of the parents to develop their child’s brushing habit. If the child is forgetting then the parents must be blamed for.

Not Handling Pressure well

Putting a negative pressure on the child will have unfavorable consequences. Scolding or punishing the child for not brushing is also a logic that prevents the kid to bypass the process f brushing. Pushing the children forward forcefully will have the opposite effect and they will hold back from brushing.

Here’s what you can do

A good and well trained pediatric dentist will not only tell the arguments of not brushing but also some solutions to help parents convince the children to take on the task of brushing the teeth. Below are the five most important things that parents can do to persuade children to brush their teeth.

Use Sensitivity Relief Products

There are many products that are exclusively used to relieve the sensitivity of the teeth and gums. Toothpastes, soft bristles brushes and products with fluoride are available just for children to minimize the effects.These items must be used regularly to ease the sensitivity.

Make time for them

It is no genuine excuse for the children that they don’t have time. This time has to be made. The parents can allow their children to brush their teeth while watching television. The parents can curtail different activities to squeeze the brushing time in the busy schedule.

Reminder on their Mobile Devices

You must surely have given your children some kind of electronic device on which there must be a reminder app. You can use that app to set alarm and reminder for various brushing timings. In this way, they will never ever forget and immediately go to brushing teeth.

Be friendly with the Children

No one wants to be commanded in a strict way to do something. The children have a delicate mind and they take everything very seriously even a joke. So parents have to be very careful and handle them with care.

Plan Different Activities

Tulsa Pediatric Group suggests that parents plan activities for their children which can make brushing interesting. It is up to the parents to devise exercises to make brushing attractive.

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