Pregnancy Testing & Screening Timeline

Oh, Baby! Pregnancy Tests and Screenings


Newly pregnant, first-time moms (and dads) are anxious to learn what’s ahead during the next nine months. Much information exists about how the baby grows and what happens to the mother’s body during this exciting time, but there isn’t as much information about all the tests the doctor orders and/or recommends. That’s why we created an easy-to-read, trimester-by-trimester listing that explains pregnancy screening and tests.

The accompanying infographic, Pregnancy Testing & Screening Timeline, is a brief but comprehensive document about pregnancy testing and screening. Each test or screen is accompanied by details about what the test is and how it is performed (a blood test, ultrasound imaging or something else), why it is performed and when it is performed. Continue reading to learn more about pregnancy testing and screening. Being informed can help new moms relax and baby themselves — soon enough, it will be time to focus almost exclusively on the new baby in their lives!

Pregnancy Testing by GSHC Surrogacy Agency

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