The Role and Efficacy of HBOT Therapy for Cancer Treatment


HBOT or hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a treatment in the field of medicine that helps our body heal better by increasing oxygen intake. The process takes place inside a hyperbaric chamber allowing the patient to inhale 100 percent pure oxygen. This process of healing with oxygen intake has already been a success in treating many medical conditions like carbon monoxide poisoning, tissue damage, thermal burns, autism and many more. Studies and experiments have been carried out to discover possibilities of HBOT therapy for Cancer treatment. A lot of development has already been done and much more is still in progress.

One of the most essential things to remember regarding cancer is that it is not a chemotherapy disease, or a radiation disease. Cancerous tumors are basically a result if metabolic dysfunction coupled with genetic mutation, which thrive in low oxygen environment.

Oxygen, placed eight on the periodic table, is the underrated key of treating and winning the war against cancer. This essential gases helps the cells in our body to breathe and provides us with energy . As stated earlier, cancerous tumors prosper in anaerobic conditions, one of the possible ways to counter their growth is to expose them to high oxygen environment. Let us see how effective HBOT therapy is for different kinds of cancerous tumors and when coupled with other traditional cancer treatments. According to many reviews, it is evident that HBO can be tumors inhibitory and help in treating certain Cancer types.

Effect of HBOT on Hypoxia

Hypoxia is oxygen deficiency at the tissue level and is one of the major reasons involved in the occurrence of solid cancerous tumors. low oxygen environment created by hypoxia is one of the factors that encourages cancers cells to survive and further proliferate. Based on various reports, it is evident that any decrease in oxygen tension encourages cancer growth. Due to the significance of oxygen concentration in relation to cancer, HBOT therapy for cancer treatment is considered important.

HBOT is believed to be able to treat hypoxia by increasing the oxygen content in the cell plasma which ultimately results in making the tissues oxygen rich and helping the body counter the cancerous growth.

Effect of HBOT Coupled with Chemotherapy

Hypoxia is related with chemotherapy as it offers resistance to the treatment. So, treating Hypoxia will positively impact chemotherapy helping it to eliminate the cancerous cells. Extensive studies are being carried out to have a better understanding of HBOT therapy for cancer treatment in combination with certain traditional therapies. It is assumed that hyperbaric oxygen therapy can help improve and overcome the resistance of hypoxia chemotherapy. Studies suggest that the efficiency of chemotherapy increases when applied immediately after HBOT sessions.

HBOT Therapy for Cancer Treatment Combined with Radiotherapy

Radiology is one of the most common traditional cancer treatments and concentration of pure oxygen in the body positively influences its impact as well. Some evidences suggest that when HBO is used in combination with radiotherapy, improvement in control and mortality of tumor is observed. .However, the total time of an HBOT session hold significant importance if the therapy is used as an adjunct with radiotherapy.

How Does HBOT Therapy Affects Different Types of Cancer?

Effect of HBO on Breast Cancer

The most common type of cancer in women, Breast Cancer amounts to total of 22.8 percent of the cancer cases globally .For 9 years, study and experiment was conducted on 6 different animals to reach to any conclusion. The result clearly stated that exposure to HBO had positive impact on mammary cancer cells and hyperbaric oxygen therapy inhibits cancer cells proliferation and growth of colonies of tumor cells.

Effect of HBO on Colorectal Cancer in Combination with Radiotherapy

Colorectal cancer is associated with colon or rectum and occurs within the linings of the epithelial cells. Positive effects have been observed when hyperbaric therapy was used as an adjunct treatment along with radiotherapy for Cancer affected cells.

Effect of Hyperbaric Therapy on Gliomas

Cancer in the Glial cells of the brain or spine is known as Gliomas. Rat Gliomas were taken in account when studies were conducted to understand the impact of HBO on the same. It was observed that hyperbaric therapy enhanced oxygen pressure which contributed in inhibiting tumor growth. Radiotherapy along with HBO had a good impact on Gliomas.

Effect of HBO on Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer is one of the most frequent type of cancer which constitutes 13.6 percent of the total cancer cases in the world. Chemotherapy and hormone therapy are some of the traditional treatments undertaken for countering prostrate cancer. Studies conducted on animals suggest that HBO inhibits prostate cancer cell growth and makes the cancerous cells more sensitive towards cancer killing treatments like Chemotherapy.


All the above conclusions have been drawn based in the findings of numerous experiments and studies carried out till date. While HBOT therapy for cancer treatment is considered to be an effective and noble recourse, it is advised to consult a doctor before undertaking this treatment as a primary modality or an adjunct therapy.

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