Trying for a baby? Do this first


Men, listen up: there are some things you need to do if you wish to father a healthy baby. It starts with knowing how to increase your sperm count.

If becoming a father has been a dream for you, then it is time to make this dream come true. But sometimes, it’s easier said than done! You may have been trying for a while without success, so what do you do next?

If you’re trying to get pregnant, here’s what you need to do:

* Check your sperm count. The first thing to do is to ascertain if your sperm count is adequate to ensure conception. If it is not, then you must find ways for how to increase sperm count. There are a few natural ways to do this, starting with eating nutritious meals and avoiding smoking and drinking alcohol. Your doctor can also put you on medication if you don’t know how to increase your sperm count with natural means.

* Stop all birth control. Birth control methods are used by women to prevent unwanted pregnancies, and these all rely on hormone replacement to change the course of the menstrual cycle, or to thicken the cervical mucus to prevent sperms from meeting eggs. For men, the most common method of birth control is the use of condoms during sex. Your partner might need to take a few weeks off birth control for ovulation and menstruation to regain their normal rhythm. Her doctor can give her the all-clear to try for a baby after conducting fertility tests.

* Don’t wear tight underclothing. Tight underwear can restrict blood flow to your testicles and penis. This is harmful for sperm production. Also, tight underwear can increase heat build-up inside the testicles, which hampers production and kills off sperm as well. Every day, make it a point to sit inside a shallow tub of cold water and immerse your lower body in it.

* Never exercise without a supporter.A supporter is essential to keep the testicles close to the body when you sprint, jog, cycle, or indeed, take part in any exercise. Not using a supporter can make the testicles loose, and also hamper your sperm count.

What is the use of condoms in birth control?

The doctor will give you the go-ahead to resume sexual activity after pregnancy occurs. It is generally okay to start having sex in the second trimester, after the foetus is properly anchored in the uterus and growing well.

You can use condoms to have sex with your pregnant partner – this is not because of any fear of pregnancy, but to keep her safe from the slightest infections during this time. The vaginal canal is quite sensitive during pregnancy, and providing protection with a condom is best.

Once the baby is born, you can go back to using condoms for sex. This gives your partner the freedom to have sex without having to go back to birth control, which is not recommended right after having a child.

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