virtigo causes symptoms and treatment

What is vertigo and balance disorder causes symptoms and treatment


Balance problems are experienced by a majority of the population once in a lifetime where a person experiences a loss of balance or feels dizzy and woozy all of a sudden. Sometimes a person experiences a spinning sensation along with feeling dizzy; it is referred to as vertigo.

A spinning sensation where a person feels whether he is spinning or nearby surroundings is spinning all by itself is an indication of vertigo conditions. It is caused due to inflammation or disorder in the inner ear, vestibular system & central nervous system.

Age factor plays an important role that leads to such a condition. Vertigo is not a disease but a symptom of various underlying conditions. Living with vertigo is not an easy task to accomplish and it becomes difficult to carry day to day simple activities like walking and running.

If vertigo conditions are not treated on time it results in repeated episodes of vertigo spells. Nausea and vomiting are closely associated with vertigo conditions and is one of the most common vertigo symptoms. Mild vertigo is treated well at home with certain home remedies. If the vertigo symptoms get intense, seeking medical help is recommended. An expert neurologist will diagnose the underlying dizziness causes or vertigo causes and would suggest the best dizziness treatment to cure the ailment completely. He would prescribe you a dose of certain vertigo medication depending upon the severity of the condition along with certain vertigo exercises to be performed regularly. If the condition does not seem to ease with vertigo medication it is advisable to avoid the prolonged use of medicines. In some very rare cases, surgery is recommended. It is advised to control symptoms from triggering any further by altering certain lifestyle habits and making modifications in daily diet. It helps in easing vertigo symptoms faster and naturally. Here is a list of some common vertigo symptoms that indicates a person is suffering from vertigo conditions.

What are the common Vertigo symptoms?

The underlying dizziness causes and vertigo causes are slightly different from each other and so does its symptoms. It has been a general myth and many times people take dizziness and vertigo as same. Dizziness is referred to as a feeling of lightheadedness whereas vertigo is a spinning sensation. Vertigo symptoms can occur anytime without any warning signs and can last for a few seconds to hours depending on the severity of the condition. A sudden movement in the position of the head and unhealthy lifestyle habits can trigger the vertigo symptoms and make them worse. It is advised to seek medical help as soon as vertigo symptoms start emerging to get the best vertigo treatment to ease symptoms as soon as possible. If a person is under the frame of vertigo spell he/she may experience a combination of certain symptoms listed below:

  1. Nausea and vomiting
  2. Spinning sensation, where a person may experience whether he is spinning or nearby surroundings are spinning.
  3. Sweating
  4. Jerking of eyes or abnormal eye movements
  5. A permanent loss of hearing ability
  6. Ringing sensation in the ear known as tinnitus
  7. Visual disturbances or blurry vision
  8. Unclear speech or slurred speech
  9. Decreased level of consciousness
  10. Difficulty in walking or running

What are some of the common Vertigo causes?

Vertigo is not a disease that consists of its own set of symptoms and problems. It is rather a symptom of various underlying causes that lead to vertigo spells in patients. If a patient is having inflammation or disorder in the inner ear, vestibular system or central nervous system it leads to the occurrence of vertigo spells in patients. Apart from age factor which is a natural cause, otolithic disorders, tumors, multiple sclerosis, head injury or head trauma, whiplash injury, multiple sclerosis, low blood pressure, neck injury, migraine headaches, diabetes, unhealthy lifestyle habits, etc. are some of the most common vertigo dizziness causes that lead to repeated episodes of vertigo spells in patients.

Here is a list of some common vertigo dizziness causes:Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV)

  • Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV)

A majority of patients suffering from vertigo are diagnosed with benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV). It can affect any person irrespective of age and gender. BPPV is caused due to deposition of calcium crystals in the inner ear. Calcium crystals block the vestibular nerve present in the inner ear that is responsible for sending signals from the inner ear to the brain for the body to function properly. The blockage in the vestibular nerve results in sending unclear signals to the brain making a person feel dizzy and experience vertigo spells.

  • Labyrinthitis or vestibular neuritis

An inner ear disorder that is caused due to simple cold or flu or due to a middle ear infection that spreads in the inner ear is known as Labyrinthitis or vestibular neuritis. It is responsible for making a person lose balance with repeated vertigo spells and affects a person’s hearing ability.

  • Meniere’s disease

Meniere’s disease is an inner ear condition where a person experiences a fluid buildup in the inner ear that affects a person’s hearing ability. Due to excess fluid and increased pressure in the inner ear a person suffering from Meniere’s disease experiences sudden bouts of vertigo spells.

  • Acoustic neuroma

When there is a tumor in the nerve tissue of the inner ear it is known as Acoustic neuroma. A person suffering from Acoustic neuroma may experience vertigo spells.

What is the best treatment for vertigo?

Here is a list of some vertigo treatments that help in treating vertigo spells. Your neurologist will first diagnose your condition to examine the underlying cause before suggesting any vertigo treatment or prescribing any vertigo medication.

  • Home remedies

Mild vertigo conditions are eased naturally by following certain vertigo home remedies. Drinking ginger tea twice a day and including almonds in your daily diet helps in alleviating vertigo spells. Apart from it if a person is diagnosed with BPPV vertigo including a diet rich in vitamin D such as egg yolk, juice and milk help in easing vertigo symptoms naturally.

  • Vertigo exercise

Certain repositioning maneuvers are advised by doctors as vertigo treatment after diagnosing the underlying cause and severity of the condition. Epley maneuver, Brandt Daroff exercise, foster exercises, barbeque exercise, Semont maneuver are some of the common vertigo exercises prescribed by doctors. He will guide you with the right techniques and procedures for performing vertigo exercises. Regular practice of certain repositioning maneuvers or vertigo exercises for up to 3 weeks helps in alleviating vertigo conditions within no time.

  • Vertigo medication

If the diagnosed condition requires certain drugs to treat vertigo, your doctor will prescribe you with certain vertigo medicines as vertigo treatment.

Meclizine Tablet, Stemetil Tablet, Stugeron Forte Tablet, Vertin Tablet are some of the best and commonly prescribed vertigo medications that are quite effective in treating different vertigo dizziness causes.

If the condition does not seem to ease with vertigo medications and exercises, your doctor will suggest you undergo vestibular rehabilitation therapy and in some very rare cases, surgery is recommended.

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