What to Expect After Gluteus Medius Tendon Repair Surgery

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Gluteus medius is one of the prominent muscles of the hip, which is responsible for smoother and efficient functioning of the lower body. The muscle also is helpful in maintaining the pelvis level.  The muscle controls side to side movement of the hip. Tendon Repair Surgery also helps in stabilizing the joints. When gluteus muscle of the hip is completely or partially ruptured, this condition is known as gluteus medius tendon injury.  The tear to gluteus medius often occurs at the tendinous area which is attached to the femur bone.  In most such cases, the surgery is the right treatment.

Most injuries to the gluteus medius muscles happen to athletes and runners who are involved in high-impact sports like basketball and soccer. The injury can occur also because of traumatic accident or overuse injury. It can also occur due to long-term wear and tear.

The symptoms

The patient feels pain and tenderness in the area near gluteus medius muscle tear. Climbing stair, running, and prolonged walking and sitting becomes painful for the patient. The patient’s pelvis drops towards the unaffected side during ambulation.

The primary symptoms include lower back pain. But an abnormal gait and hip pain are other symptoms of the injury. When the patient is sitting for long periods, the symptoms become worse. Even walking for a longer period can be painful. In some cases, patients may experience hip tenderness when they lie on the side that has the injury.

The symptoms can be graded in three categories.  Grade one injury to the tendon is when there is mild pain and mobility is almost non-existent. Grade 2 injury is the one when there is partial tear and pain is mild. The weakness and less flexibility of the hip joint are very much noticeable. Grade 3 injury is the most severe due to the patient feeling severe pain, as well as the muscle strength, is completely missing.  There is only a limited mobility of the joints.

The surgery procedure

The surgeon can opt for arthroscopic Gluteal tendon repair surgery.  This procedure involved inserting a camera, called an arthroscope, into the affected area of the joint by making a small incision. The camera can see the damaged tissue.

The surgeon then can remove the damaged tissue by using tiny instruments that are inserted through the small incisions. The end of the ruptured tendon is trimmed during the surgery.  Then the surgeon will suture it onto the greater trochanter of the bone of the thigh. Once this procedure is complete, the incision is closed.

How to prepare

Before taking up gluteus medius tendon repair surgery, the patient should discuss any medication he/she is taking. The surgeon will advise stopping some of the medication especially aspirin, warfarin or any other blood thinners.

The patient is asked to not to eat and drink anything for six hours before the surgery starts.  Smoking is also forbidden so that faster recovery after the surgery can be ensured.

What to expect from the surgery?

After gluteus medius tendon repair surgery is complete, the patient is required to stay in the best hospital for cosmetic surgery for one night at least. After the surgery, the patient is expected to bear weight partially on the leg. The patient can also start walking with the help of crutches.

A training regarding proper movements with crutches will also be provided to the patient. The walking will steadily give some strength to the effective hip area. The doctor will give you medication for managing any pain.

The patient is normally expected to use crutches for nearly 6 weeks after gluteus medius tendon repair surgery. The patient is asked to not to stand on legs for a longer period as it may be a hindrance in gradual healing of the injury. The patient is also forbidden from lifting heavy items. Climbing of stairs is also not advised.  A rehabilitation program involving physiotherapy is also recommended to the patient.  

Generally it takes nearly 3 months to recover from the gluteus medius tendon repair surgery. However, the patient can resume office work after 2 weeks. But it takes nearly 6 weeks before the patient can lift heavy items. When no longer need crutches and not taking pain medication, the patient can start driving again. From 4 weeks after the surgery, low impact exercises such as swimming can be started. The surgeon discusses the recovery time frame with the patient after the surgery.

So, gluteus medius tendon repair surgery is an effective solution for the patients suffering from mild to severe hip joint pain.  There are no major risks for the patients from the surgery and timely recovery is possible if proper care is taken and the doctor’s post-surgery instruction is followed properly. Soon, the patient is able to resume normal daily activities of life.

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