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Which Hospital is Known for Best Bone Marrow Treatment in India?


Bone marrow cancer cases are reporting at a fast pace and the number of such patients is increasing all over the world. This cancer happens when cells of the marrow begin to grow rapidly or at an accelerated rate. This cancer starts from the bone marrow and for this reason, it is known as bone marrow. In most of these cancer cases, the patient has to go for the surgery and Bone Marrow Transplant. Thus, if a patient is diagnosed with this cancer, it is necessary to look for the right hospital to get the right treatment and even transplant of the marrow if required.

So are you looking for the transplant of bone marrow? If yes, then look for the hospital in India where you can get the best treatment. As per cancer specialist, other types of cancers can also spread to the bone marrow. Among the top cancer hospitals, Rajiv Gandhi cancer hospital is listed as best in this surgery. The hospital is equipped with ultra modern infrastructure, internationally trained faculty and dedicated facility that definitely leads to the best transplant hospital in India. The hospital also uses different procedures and technology to provide the treatment depending on the individual patient’s need.

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As per my personal experience, I have visited the hospital with my uncle who was suffering from bone marrow cancer. After 2 weeks of diagnosis and treatment, doctors at RGCIRC suggested for the transplant and we were scared. Doctors explained that the surgery is safe, effective and provide a complete cure from this cancer. The cost of a transplant was genuine as compared to other hospitals in India. So we decided to go for the surgery. After a few days of transplant, my uncle started recovering and now after 2 months of treatment, he is completely fit and free from cancer.

I also appreciate the patient care facilities, medicine cost, professionalism of staff and experience of the doctors. The hospital provides a team of expert surgeons from top hospitals of the world to handle this marrow transplant and make it a success. The entire transplant process is followed with the best planning and ensures that no risk is involved and surgery at the end is successful. The entire process includes preparation for the surgery, conditioning where patients are initiated with chemotherapy or radiation as per requirement and handle the final transplant process. So far, I have never seen such qualified doctors and quality of treatment.

Rajiv Gandhi Cancer hospital is the first choice of patients from different countries for this transplant. The reason is the personal care to each patient and the high success rate of the transplant surgery. With all these reasons, I preferred this hospital for the bone marrow cancer treatment and so far found it best in India. I decided to share this personal experience with the hospital to help such patients and ease their decision to pick the right cancer hospital for different treatments. It is best to visit the hospital first before the treatment and then decide on selecting the best option.

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