Back Support Cushion For Your Chair

Why You Should Use A Back Support Cushion For Your Chair?


Back pain is a common problem faced by people all over the world. Though this was a common complaint by people with limited mobility who had to sit in a wheelchair for most of the day; these days, people who have a desk job and work in an office setting either in a building or at home sitting at their desks all day long also have back pain. Stretching and exercising help in easing those aches and pains but having a back support cushion proves beneficial too. They can not only be used by people who suffer from back pain but also helpful for those who work long hours in the office or can be used while sitting on the couch.

Backbone support: A back pillow for chair provides many benefits and the foremost reason to have one is that it is effective as a back cushion and provides support to the back and thus helps in natural alignment of the spine. The cushions that are made of memory foam are recommended as that adapts to the shape of the body and thus there is no gap between the cushion and the back and helps improve sitting posture.

Reduces pain: A lumbar support pillow can help in relieving back pain in individuals who are suffering from it. It helps to improve spinal alignment and maintain its natural curvature. Though many office chairs come with cushions they do not have curvature needed for appropriate backrest so when you are sitting on them you are either forced to sit forward or way too back which is not the right position. Having a back support cushion forces the body to stay upright and thus aligning the neck, shoulders, back and spine and reduces the weight applied on the lower back and thus relieving pain.

Adjustable and easy to carry around: Many back support pillows are flexible and lightweight and can be used both in cars and chairs. Some back pillows like that of Wake fit come with adjustable straps that can be put to the seats so that it remains firm in its place and also gives you the flexibility. These pillows are designed to provide comfort and convenience so that you feel less tension in the muscles, less stiffness and reduce back pain after using it.

Features to look for in a back support cushion

  • Durability: A good quality cushion will be made of a material which provides comfort and support to the users. Memory foam is one such material which lasts long as it remains firm for a long time and is also durable.
  • Support: Look for cushions that offer optimal back support and there should be a perfect balance of support and softness so that the user sits comfortably on the chair. A cushion with memory foam is the best-recommended option as it adjusts to the shape of the back.
  • Should absorb heat and be breathable: A back pillow should be such that it can absorb the heat and not spread it all over as that will make the user uncomfortable. The material used should be such that it can absorb the pressure of the body and the heat and provide back support.
  • Cost-effective: A lumbar support pillow is affordable and long-lasting. Many brands offer highly durable and cost-effective pillows which are of high-quality. Ensure that you look around online before purchasing as the costliest one may not be the most effective option.

Anyone who works for long hours sitting on a chair can use these pillows even if you do not have any back pain. These are budget-friendly option to prevent or reduce back pain and is a much safer option than going for the medication in case of discomfort in the back.

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