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X-Ray Rafael Rodriguez


As many of you ask me, today x-ray is with a man! His name is Rafael Rodriguez, he is a friend of my sister Marcella, and she was the one who gave me the tip to interview him. Nowadays he is one of her friends who is super dedicated to triathlon!

1) Rafael my sister told me that you played tennis for a long time. Still, play?

Truth. During my childhood and adolescence, I practiced competitive tennis. As I got older, training started to get more intense and as the tournaments were during the week I had to decide if I wanted to try professionalism or not, so I chose not to pursue a tennis career. I don’t have the habit of playing these days, but sometimes I still risk it.

2) When did you get interested in triathlon?

I started running, during this time a great friend of mine bought a bike, we had a mutual friend who already practiced and encouraged us to start. We decided to enroll in a test and then one thing led to another.

3) What tests have you taken?

I’ve done some tests at the Olympic and half-ironman distances. I do currently training for my first full ironman.

4) Competing in tests like these takes a lot of focus and discipline, I imagine you had to cut some things like alcohol for example. Was that a problem for you or not much of a habit of going out and drinking?

This is certainly one of the difficulties but I try to balance it when I am providing for a test to cut the alcoholic drink and follow the food more closely variancetv. When not, I continue training but depriving myself less.

5) How is your diet and training routine today?

Usually, during the week, I have 2 daily workouts: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays swimming and strengthening training and Tuesdays and Thursdays have the bike and running training. On weekends are the longest transition workouts. Food I accompany with a nutritionist who helps me with supplementation and eating plan.

6) Do you train with the help of a professional?

Yes. I train with the help of a sports accessory specializing in triathlon and as I mentioned above with a nutritionist.

7) What is the hardest part for you in triathlon?

For me, the hardest part about triathlon is being able to organize training with social life. As training ends up taking up a lot of my time, I often have to give up programs with friends and family like trips, parties, etc.

8) Between one test and another did you maintain your physical size or lose weight?

When I started to practice the sport, I varied my weight a lot between periods of tests and post-tests, over time I learned to better control this and try to keep the physique despite not keeping the diet so restricted in the post-test.

9) You’ve always been a sportsman, but from what I’ve talked to triathletes, it seems that triathlon becomes an “addiction”, which is a unique sensation. Is that so for you too?

Yes. The triathlon has many positive aspects, I think the combination of the 3 sports is very cool because when you are tired of one of the sports can focus on another, getting more dynamic, for example, train only one sport. And of course, the mood of competitions is always very cool.

10) Such a test is too long. Have you ever been hurt by trying so hard?

I’ve had some minor injuries from training volume, but nothing too serious to stop me from training.

11) Many people want to have a healthier and more active life but need more encouragement. What would you say to them?

I think the most important thing is that you enjoy the activity you are doing, so it will not be a big burden, and of course, having a good company always helps.

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