do you use a defibrillator when the heart stops

Automated External Defibrillator (AED) is the finest medical invention

Medical inventions have played an integral role in recent past years to reduce the health issues for the patients all over the world. The continuous progress in medical science has provided the chance for people to save the life of each other. Cardiac issues are faced by a large number of people around the world […]

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avoid fast food

Health Guidance: Guidance To Be Healthy And Live Happily

Everyday increasing population, busy lifestyle, stress and competition in every sector, in such condition living a healthy life is as tough as climbing as climbing a high mountain. Today health has become a major issue for everyone.  So everyone should be aware of their health. The main reason behind the health problems are comfortable and […]

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health insurance

5 things to consider before going for any health insurance

A health insurance is a medical insurance program that is designed to accumulate an individual or any organization with their health-related needs and is responsible to provide emergency care when it is needed.  Finding a quality health insurance is no lesser than a herculean task, however, if you have your needs and budget in your […]

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HBOT Therapy for Cancer Treatment

The Role and Efficacy of HBOT Therapy for Cancer Treatment

HBOT or hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a treatment in the field of medicine that helps our body heal better by increasing oxygen intake. The process takes place inside a hyperbaric chamber allowing the patient to inhale 100 percent pure oxygen. This process of healing with oxygen intake has already been a success in treating many […]

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Gluteus Medius Tendon Repair Surgery

What to Expect After Gluteus Medius Tendon Repair Surgery

Gluteus medius is one of the prominent muscles of the hip, which is responsible for smoother and efficient functioning of the lower body. The muscle also is helpful in maintaining the pelvis level.  The muscle controls side to side movement of the hip. Tendon Repair Surgery also helps in stabilizing the joints. When gluteus muscle […]

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